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Full NameNikunj B Suthar

BirthdayMay 29, 1991

Lives inRajkot, Gujarat

My story

I've had my head buried in a computer screen from as far back as I can remember. Since firing up PHP to develop my very first website I have never looked back. I have spent the greater part of the last 3 years creating meaningful and memorable interactive experiences in web development and Excel-VBA for top tier companies. I consider myself perfectionist in web framework that has a knack for making designs & back-end development that look good, and feel even better.

About me

I'm Nikunj Suthar, a Rajkot(Gujarat,India) based web developer and Excel-Automation developer. I passionately move pixels and lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites. My current weapons of choice are PHP, PHP Yii, jQuery, javascript, AJAX, Excel-VBA, Excel-Automation and MySQL. Being a developer, I help clients bring their ideas into reality.

My hobbies

I've been passionate about hobbies my whole life. I love reading, singing, listening music, playing guitar, writing poetry, learning, collecting, researching and developing new skills. Some of these skills have proven useful in my career, and some are just for me to enjoy. Hobbies that make life better and help us decompress at the end of a long day.

Future goals

My long-term goals involve growing with an digital age where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much of value as I can. I would like to work with specialised workers , as I am a quick learner, serious and hard-working person. I see myself as a top performing employee in a well-established organization. I plan on enhancing my skills and continuing my involvement in (related) professional associations.

Other infos

I love back-end web development and I'm eager to tackle challenging problems on tight deadlines. Whether I'm building web services or using web technologies for something completely new, I'm right at home and I'm always pay attention to detail. No project is too big or too small for me to handle. I'm comfortable with the web frameworks of the day and have experience with Excel-Automation, Excel-AddIn, Excel-Dashboard design and Excel-ERP module development awesomeness. I'm up for an adventure and being part of a company that’s got big ideas and is growing insanely quickly.

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